Using applications

Making your first call

A phone’s main feature! At least that’s what it used to be. It still serves as one of the main functions of this device and is a rather simple thing to do. 

In order to make a call, you have to insert a SIM card, restart your phone and make sure you have a good connection to the network. That can be checked either by looking at the icon on the top left of the lock screen or by checking the network menu in the settings app.

Once you are certain your connection is good, proceed to make a call. 

First, you have to navigate to the phone app and press the A button.

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A screen like this will appear. If you have any contacts saved in your phonebook they will appear below the number input for a fast dial. You can also access call log at any time by pressing right function button, which will take you to your call history. From there you will be able to see all your previous phone calls as well as fast dial any of the numbers.

When entering a number, you have to enter it in a long-form (ex. x001 234 567 899) number that starts with a ‘+’ (or 00, those two are equivalents).
You can get the ‘+’ sign by holding down the 0 button.

While making a call there is an option of bringing the volume up and down with the joystick which will increase or decrease the volume that is coming from the ‘other side’ of the speaker.You can hang up a call by pressing B button.

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Sending your first text

The second most important function of the phone (right after playing games, of course) is sending text messages. In order to do that you will have to be connected to the network via your SIM card. Also, we recommend getting to know the way you input text because it will really speed up the process of sending texts. So go check out our tutorial on one of the previous pages if you already haven’t.

Navigate to messages in the main menu and press A button. It will get you to main messages screen, where you will have access to all of the previous messages sent and received. You can view those messages by pressing right function button and erase them by pressing left function button.

Sending a new SMS is done by navigating to the top of the order and pressing A button

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A new screen will appear from which you’ll be able to enter a number of the message receiver (must be in a +001 234 567 899 form). You can also access contacts from there and choose desired number. Pressing your joystick down will move the cursor to the compose screen where the message text goes. You can access text input helper at anytime by pressing right function button which serves as a quick memory refreshment in case you forgot which button represents a certain symbol. If you make a mistake, you can erase single symbol by pressing left function button.

When both desired text and number are inserted press A button to send a message.

That’s it! The message has just been sent and it will be received in a matter of seconds!

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Saving contacts

Navigate to contacts in the main menu and press A button.

You will enter the main contacts menu from where you’ll be able to view contact details, delete contacts and create new ones.

When creating a contact you have to enter a name and a number (must be in a +001 234 567 899 form).

Once you create a new contact it can be accessed both from messages and phone app for faster calling and exchanging texts.

Also, every new received text and call from the number you saved will be shown as a name rather than a number.

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