Inserting SD and SIM cards

In order to fully use phone functionalities, you’re going to have to insert both SD card and SIM card. Nothing to worry about since this is pretty easy and an SD card might already be inserted into your phone. 

SD card
 can only be inserted one way, with the golden connectors facing upwards and the thick part of the card being in the back.  You should get a notification when the SD card is properly inserted.

SIM is necessary for connecting to the network, making calls and sending text messages. The slot for inserting it is located on the left side of the phone, right below the joystick.
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The golden connectors part of the SIM card must be facing upwards while the cutout must be in the upper left corner, just like on the image.

random image

NOTE: SIM can be inserted in multiple ways but it will only work if it’s inserted the right way. After inserting the SIM card, restart the phone so that the SIM module can reload the card.

NOTE: US phones come with the ‘Ting’ SIM Card, which you first have to activate online in order to use.

NOTE: Now add some money to the card so you can use it properly!

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