Connecting to the computer

Connecting to the computer

Eager to add new music?

In this step of the usage guide, we'll explain how you can connect your Jay-D to the computer to add new music, transfer old songs, and delete the ones you don't want.

Firstly, let's go over the process of managing the SD card and everything that's on it.

Take out the SD card

Locate the SD card at the bottom left of the board. 

Taking out the SD card works on a push principle where you only have to push it slightly, so it pops out. Once the card pops out, you can take it out of the slot.

random image
Push the SD card to unlock its position. It should pop out of the slot after you do that.

Push the SD card to unlock its position. It should pop out of the slot after you do that.


Once the SD card pops out, you can take it out of the slot

Once the SD card pops out, you can take it out of the slot

Insert the SD card into the USB

Insert the SD card into the USB

Connect the SD card to your computer

To enable your computer to read the SD card, you need to insert the USB adapter with the SD card inside into your computer. 

The only challenge here is to insert the SD card into the USB adapter, so it doesn't stick out too much. 

Insert the USB adapter into your computer


Managing the SD card

Curious how to add new music?

Once you inserted the USB adapter into the computer, you should find the SD card folder.

The easiest way to find it is to go to This PC in File Explorer and find the USB Drive folder. 

Click on that one, and a list like this should appear. Looks familiar? This is where you will find everything that's on Jay-D's SD card and music list.

Jay-D's music list


If you look closer, you'll notice that all the music is in AAC file type. This is the type that's compatible with Jay-D, and everything that you want to transfer to this SD card should be in AAC type as well. 

This might mean that you'll most probably need to convert your music files from MP3 (or any other type) to AAC type.

Here is the link and the settings where you can convert the files before transferring them to the SD card: Audio converter

When converting please make sure to set up the settings exactly like this
  • audio bitrate: 64kbps
  • sampling rate: 24khz
  • audio channels: mono

random image

After you convert and download the audio files you'd like to add, feel free to paste or transfer them to the list shown in the photo above.

This list shows up after you open the USB Drive folder on This PC.

You can also delete and copy the files that are already on the SD card. This will be important if you decide to transfer your remixes to your computer, for example.

Only add .AAC music files to the SD card!

Don't add folders to the SD card folder because Jay-D won't be able to read that.

Inserting the SD card back

When you're done managing the songs on your computer, it is time to put the SD card back into the slot on Jay-D's board.
  1. For this, you'll have to take out the card from the USB adapter.
  2. Put the SD card into the sloth by slightly pushing it until it's locked in the slot.
  3. Reset your Jay-D - This step is important because the new songs won't be readable if the mix table is not turned off and on. The small reset button is located next to the USB port on Jay-D's board.
  4. Enjoy your new music! - Once you restart your Jay-D, go to Playback and test out the newly added music.

You should be all set now!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at, and we'll make sure to help out as soon as possible.
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