What's in the box?

Let's meet all the components that arrived in the box!

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Open your Jay-D box and check if you have all the components. Make sure to lay it all on a clean surface where you'll inspect if everything is there according to the photo and the list below.

In case something is missing, please contact us at contact@circuitmess.com. Send us a photo of everything that came in the box, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

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Here is the list of components:
  1. Main circuit board – connects all the chips together
  2. Display board – 128*160 TFT color display
  3. Acrylic casing
  4. A bag of other small components such as resistors, pushbuttons, nuts, and bolts (we'll go over that in the next step)
  5. Two 5W speakers
  6. Custom-made plastic knobs
  7. USB-C cable for charging and programming the device
  8. 4GB Micro SD card with a bunch of royalty-free beats preloaded
The SD card is already inserted into Jay-D's SD card slot!

Check all the small components

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  1. Rotary encoders (x7)
  2. Plastic caps for sliders (x3)
  3. Small black pushbuttons (x2)
  4. Small black button caps (x2)
  5. Male pin header
  6. Headphone jack
  7. Brass spacers (x4)
  8. Medium metal bolts (x11)
  9. Big metal bolts (x5)
  10. Adhesive rubber feet (x6)
  11. Black nylon spacers (x2 long, x1 short)
  12. Slider potentiometers (x3)
  13. Metal nuts (x13)
  14. The smallest metal bolts (x7) (we used the black ones in the photos, but yours should be silverish like the rest of the bolts)