Casing up the Batcontroller

Let's make sure that your Batcontroller is protected. 

These are the components you'll need in the first step of casing your Batcontroller:

Check the cuts on the acrylic casing before proceeding to ensure proper placement on the PCB.

Now, you must pull the battery through the largest oddly shaped hole in the casing.


On to the next casing!

We'll use another oddly shaped casing this time.

Once again, be careful not to place this casing on the wrong side.

You'll have to pull the battery through this one as well.

You'll need to place the wires under the casing so they don't get in your way, and then press the battery into its place.

It will be much easier if you position your battery as shown in the photo below, with the clean side facing up.

One more casing is coming at the back side of Batcontroller.

Before we do that, we need to insert some spacers into the four holes to ensure that the casings can be fastened.

These are the components you'll have to take now:

You must insert one black spacer into each of the four holes.

Just like this:

Now, take this casing and four bolts (the smaller ones):

Place the casing on top of the Batcontroller first:

Before proceeding with the assembly, make certain that the top casing is on the correct side.

Place the four smaller bolts into the four spacers:

Start tightening the bolts with a screwdriver:

Hold your Batcontroller firmly while fastening to ensure that nothing falls off.

Repeat this step for each of the four bolts, until everything is secure.

Good job!

The back of the Batcontroller is finished.

On to the front side.

Take these six small circle-shaped components, which will be used as buttons.

To begin, we must place the casing on top of the Batcontroller:

Place one of the button caps at each of the six dots indicating where the pushbuttons should be (left, right, up, down, A, and B).

Don't worry if the pushbuttons look a bit tilted. They'll stay in place once the second casing is placed on top of them.

Take another casing, four bigger black bolts, and a screwdriver now.

Place the casing on top of the Batcontroller as follows:

Take the bolts and put them into the four holes like this:

Tighten the bolts with the screwdriver:


You assembled your Batcontroller.

This is how the final product should look:

Now it's time to build the main part - the Batmobile!