Batcontroller assembly

Let's kick off with the easiest part of the Batmobile kit - the Batcontroller. 

You'll use the Batcontroller to drive your Batmobile around, make it dance, and do other cool things.

These are the parts you'll need to assemble the Batcontroller:

You can put the rest of the components aside; we won't be needing them yet. We'll let you know when the remaining components are required.

To begin, you'll need to peel off the blue and white protective layers.

As you can see, each of the acrylic casing parts has a protective layer on both sides that needs to be peeled off. They are not yet fully transparent, but they should be once you finish this step!

Don't forget to remove the foil from the other side too!

The finished product should look like this (it must be completely transparent):

You must now repeat the process for the remaining acrylic casings.

The next step will be to connect the LCD display to the Batcontroller's PCB.

Ensure the display is on the correct side, and the ribbon is pulled through the correct hole.

After pulling the ribbon through, the back of the PCB should look like this.

Be careful not to damage the ribbon. 

Pull the ribbon through the second hole, as shown in the photo below:

The front of the PCB for the Batcontroller should look like this:

Finally, connect the ribbon to the PCB.

You'll have to pull the grey part out slightly, but not completely. Insert the end of the ribbon into the port and push the grey part back in until it clicks.

Please, make sure that the ribbon is pushed all the way to the end, or the display won't work. 

Now that you've connected the display, we need to make sure that it stays in place and doesn't move.

You've probably noticed two whiteish stickers on the back of the display.

You must remove the stickers and stick the display to the PCB.

Be careful when sticking the display on the board. You don't want it to be tilted.

You connected your first part! Congrats!

We can remove the protective foil from the display now that it is secure.

Looking nice!