Marker tracking

Marker tracking

Oh, hi Mark!

This is where you can make Wheelson complete various actions based on
the Marker tracking cards

Let's go through what we will need and what we can do!

Select Marker Tracking in the menu

Navigate through the menu by using the directional buttons and select Marker Tracking by clicking on the middle, SELECT, button!

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Move Wheelson's camera up

As the cards will be placed in front of Wheelson, we need to move Wheelsons camera into the forward-facing position, to do this:
  • Using two hands, push open the side panels so the Headlights + Camera panel pops out.
random image
  • Then move the Headlights + Camera panel into the forward-facing position with your hands, by slotting it into the top slot, as shown.
random image
  • Once in position, let the side panels close and secure the Headlights + Camera panel in place.
random image

Now that the camera is in position, let's get tracking!

What you will also need!

Before we can follow a tracking card, we need the cards! Go ahead and get Wheelson's tracking cards out of the box and place them next to you!

random image

Let's get Marking!

On the Marker Tracking page you will see a few different things:
  • A screen in the middle that shows a live feed of what Wheelson sees!
  • 4 red motor icons, 2 on either side of the screen.
Activate Wheelsons motors - To make sure Wheelson doesn't just do a backflip as soon as he sees a tracking card, we turned the motors off when you enter the Marker Tracking mode. To toggle the motors on/off, simply click the DOWN button. As you'll see, the icons will turn to white, meaning they are active, and Wheelson is prime to move around.

random image
random image

Make it stop
 - If you want Wheelson to stop, click the DOWN button again and you should see that Wheelson's motor icons turn back to red and his motors will be deactivated!

See what Wheelson sees
 - Another cool feature can be activated by pressing the SELECT button. once pressed, you'll notice that the screen turns black and white. This is what Wheelson actually sees.

To make it easier, Wheelson converts everything to black and white (the same colours as the cards). This means that when we place a card in front of him, its super easy for him to differentiate the patterns and detect which card is which.

You will also notice that Wheelson starts to draw squares around any potential card patterns. This is him trying to comprehend and differentiate the cards from background noise. Once he is confident that he has found the card, the blue box will turn yellow and the cards function will be written underneath in red.

random image
random image

As you can see, we have placed the LED OFF card in front of him so he turned off his LEDS! Go ahead and try out some of the other cards to see what Wheelson will do!

To exit out of the B&W mode, simply press the select button again.

Special cards? What?

You get 12 cards with your Wheelson, 6 of those cards are clearly labelled with there functions:
  • Backward - Moves Wheelson backwards
  • Forward - Moves Wheelson forwards
  • LED ON - Turns on Wheelsons headlights
  • LED OFF - Turns off Wheelsons headlights
  • Burnout - Wheelson will do a Burnout!
  • 360 - Wheelson will turn 360 degrees!

Custom Cards

However, in that pack, there are also 6 special cards with different codes on them, e.g. 100, 305, 341 etc. These cards can be customized and programmed, using either Circuitblocks or Arduino, to tell Wheelson to do different actions.

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You can mark that off your list now! Ready to check out the settings page?