Simple Timer

Now we'll learn how to code the ongoing switching of the back and front lights, as well as the filling of the display with black and white. 

Let's kick off!

To begin, look for the "loop forever" block inside the "loops" block section. 

The first step is to make the display completely dark.

You can do that by adding the "display" block.

Find another "display" block labeled "push frame" and place it below like this:

When this happens, we will turn off the backlights on your Wheelson. 

For that, you have to use I/O block labeled "backlight off"

We'll also switch off the frontlights. 

Find another I/O block and place it below: 

 Let's turn off the LED as well. 

Now, jump to the "time" block section and find the "sleep 0 seconds" block. 

We'll put the code to sleep for one second.

We want the display to turn white after 1 second.

We also want all of the lights to turn on. 

Once the back and front lights are turned on, the LED should light white.

At the end, add another "time" block and the "push frame" block.

Click on the Run button, and check the lights and the display.