First check

Welcome to one of the most exciting parts of the assembly - the hardware test! 

With it, you'll be able to check if everything is soldered properly and if everything works as it should.

Only after doing that should we go on with assembling the casing! 
It would be a lot of work to disassemble the casing if we found out something wasn't working! 

That’s why it is important to do this simple check. Let's start...  

Step #1

Find the USB-C cable for charging and coding you got in the box. 

If you don't have that one for any reason, any USB-C cable will do. 

Use it to connect the device with your PC. 

random image

Synthia should turn on immediately!

random image

As with any other CircuitMess device, the most important thing to check is if all buttons, encoders, and sliders are working properly. The other important thing to check is the LEDs. 

Step #2

The first time you connect your Synthia to the PC, you'll hear Spencer's voice (if you are new here and don't know who Spencer is, that is our DIY voice assistant!).
Spencer will congrats you on your success and guide you through the first check so you won't be able to miss anything. 

However, we wanted to make a written trail so you can follow this as well. 

Step #3

The first thing you'll have to check are the pushbuttons. You'll have to push each one of them, and if they're working properly, the green light should light up under them. 

Everything is working? Amazing!

Now you have to click on encoders and rotate them a bit. If the encoders are working, you should see the LEDs lightning up on the LED matrix depending on where you are positioned on the matrix. 

And for the end, you have to check the sliders. You do that simply by sliding them up and down, and if everything is okay, the LEDs on the side of them will turn on one by one. 

After you check everything, Spencer will let you know everything is alright!
 Click on the encoder and you can hear Spencer saying "Spencer out!". 

Now you are sure everything is soldered properly, you are ready to assemble the Synthia's casing.