Creating a new project Jay-D

Creating a new project - Jay-D

Welcome to the PlatformIO and VSCode Jay-D programming guide.
We'll use PlatformIO and VSCode to teach you how to upload code to your Jay-D, so let's get started!


Before starting make sure to download and install Visual Studio Code. You can do that right here

Go to the Extensions tab and type PlatformIO. Then click Install.

Click Install next to PlatformIO

When prompted by PlatformIO, restart VSCode.

Restart VSCode

Creating a new project

Once you're on PlatformIO's home page, select New Project. The program will then prompt you to choose a name for your project so be creative. We're going to start with a simple Hello World.

Type in esp32 dev and select the Espressif ESP32 Dev Module board from the boards dropdown menu.

Leave the Framework option on Arduino. The default project path on Windows is Documents/PlatformIO/Projects, but you’re free to save it wherever you like.

Fill out the New project form

After clicking Finish, you'll need to wait a bit while the board files are downloaded.

Be patient