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Prefer video instructions? We got you covered! You can follow along with our Nibble video build guide at this link


CircuitMess Nibble after the assembly

CircuitMess Nibble after the assembly

Welcome to the CircuitMess Nibble build guide!
In this build guide, you’ll discover how to assemble a game console all by yourself, using only a couple of tools in the process.
Whether this is your first time meeting a do-it-yourself device or you’re a DIY veteran, there is no question that you will learn a lot and enjoy the experience of assembling and programming!


Age Group

As it says on the box, you should be at least 9 years old to assemble this console. With that in mind, parts of the assembly like soldering and tightening bolts should be approached carefully - ask an adult to help out if you've never soldered before.

Time of assembly

The time of the assembly depends on your previous knowledge and experience with electronics. If you’ve never soldered and handled a DIY project like this before, there is a small learning curve that you’re going to have to overcome before really getting in the groove.
You will need an estimate of 2 hours in total to assemble your console.
Regardless of the assembly time, one thing is for sure - you will have fun!


Fun fact: our engineer Erik holds the record in assembling Nibble in just 14 minutes and 22 seconds!


There is no required previous knowledge for assembling your Nibble.
If you follow the build guide carefully, you shouldn't have any trouble along the way. We made sure to show each step as detailed as possible, so no worries!

What you'll learn with Nibble

Nibble’s main goal is to educate and motivate you to learn something new or brush up on the skills you already have. It also serves as an entry point into electronics, making it the perfect project for starting your big engineering career.
In the process of assembly, you’ll learn:
  • How to solder
  • What are the basic electronic components and their function
  • How can electronic components be connected and why
  • What are microcontrollers and some basics of digital electronics

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If you go further and follow our coding and hacking guides, you’ll learn:
  • How to program a microcontroller in C/C++ and in CircuitBlocks
  • How to program a simple video game

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In addition to following the build guide, you can check out this cool video provided by one of our community members popespacious