Adventure begins

Adventure begins


Welcome to the MAKERbuino build guide. In these 6 chapters, we’ll help you make a fully functional retro gaming device out of a bunch of components you’ve received in your MAKERbuino package.

Age group

Our estimation is that an 11-year-old kid should be able to assemble MAKERbuino with a tiny bit of help from an adult. Therefore, the estimated age group is 11+.
Estimated build time: 4 hours 30 minutes (note: Build time varies and depends on the skills of a user)
MAKERbuino was made with the purpose of bringing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to electronics rookies in a fun and interesting way.
Despite that, it is not the simplest kit out there and if you’ve never soldered before, you should think about doing some preparatory practice or watching a couple of how-to-solder tutorials before you get down to business.
What your console will look like after the assembly

What your console will look like after the assembly

Skills That Will Ease the Process of Assembling the MAKERbuino:

  • Basic soldering experience (some preparatory experience)
  • Ability to recognize the basic electronic components
If you do not have these skills, don’t worry – you’re a fast learner and you’ll learn them in no-time.

Detailed sketch of MAKERbuino

Detailed sketch of MAKERbuino

What You’ll Learn With the MAKERbuino

MAKERbuino’s main goal is to educate and motivate you to learn something new or brush up on the skills you already have. In the process of making MAKERbuino you’ll learn:
  • How to solder
  • Name basic electronic components and their function
  • How to connect electronic components and why
  • What micro controllers are and some basics of digital electronics
What will you learn if you decide to code your own software for the MAKERbuino and expand it’s hardware by connecting modules and components as expansions:
  • How to program a microcontroller in C/C++
  • how a simple video game works
  • how to interface a microcontroller with external peripherals

Basic resources

Here you can find MAKERbuino’s schematics which might help you if you’re already “into electronics”.

If you do not know how to read electronic schematics, don’t worry – you’ll learn!
Detailed schematics of MAKERbuino's insides

Detailed schematics of MAKERbuino's insides

You might also find this diagram useful:

Simple MAKERbuino diagram

Simple MAKERbuino diagram