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When you enter the Settings mode on your Jay-D's menu, you'll be able to adjust the maximum volume, maximum brightness and perform the input test that you should have done in the First check step in the build guide. 

In case you later suspect there is something wrong with any of the components that you soldered to the board, this is where you can check if everything works as it should.

Rotate the middle encoder under the display to navigate through the Settings.

Adjusting the volume

  • Click on that same middle encoder to start adjusting the volume (or any other feature).
  • When you click the encoder, a small red dot should appear on the volume slider, indicating how loud you're setting your volume to be. 
  • Rotate the encoder to set the volume.
  • Click on the encoder to lock the volume.

Adjusting the brightness

  • By rotating and clicking the middle rotary encoder, select the brightness option.
  • The small red dot should appear to indicate how bright you want your LED lights to be.
  • Rotate the encoder to set the brightness.
  • Click on the encoder to lock the brightness.

Input Test

Perform this input test if you suspect that any of the components don't work as they should. 

In case you can't complete the input test, you should check your soldering joints.

Save and exit

Exit the Settings by clicking on the Save option. Your volume and brightness settings should be saved.