Room makeover

Duck's room will improve as levels change, and new games are unlocked.

You'll begin in an empty room with only an oil can, a table with a lamp, and a closet in it. 

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With every level up, you'll get a new cool thing. 

With the first level up, you'll get a blueprint for your space rocket

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After a while, your entire room will change and start looking like a proper lab. 

You can see the stars you want to fly to from your window, and there are all kinds of tools in the room to assist you in building your space rocket.

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You'll get books and a telescope with the new level up.

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And the final big transition. You are in the space!

You made it! 

You can even see Earth from the window of your space rocket.

You may also notice some red circles on your plan, which show which planets you have already visited and which you will visit next.

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You came to the end of the CircuitPet usage guide! Congrats!

The next big step for you and your CircuitPet is to start coding all kinds of cool stuff. We covered that in the coding guide that can be found here

In the meantime, oil the duck, eat some bolts, and win that dance contest. 

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