The initial test

Now that we soldered and assembled everything, it's time to check if everything is working correctly.

Turn on the Chatter!

You can turn it on by pushing an on-off button to the left. 

After your Chatter turns on, you will see the first test.
The first test looks like this and is used to check your buttons.

random image

You'll need to press every one of the pushbuttons. If a button is working correctly, the circle on your screen will turn green. You can see what everything should look like in the following photos.

random image

Once you make sure all of the buttons are working, you'll hear a sound coming out of the buzzer. 

If you hear that sound, you can press any buttons to finish the test and start the device.

random image

If everything is alright, you should see Chatter's menu looking like this:
random image

Congrats! You made it to the end of the build guide! 

In the following chapter, you'll find out what's waiting for you next.