Using sprites

We've already covered how to create a new sprite and modify existing ones.

We'll now learn how to make various sprites appear on Chatter's display.

Let's start!

All of the sprites can be found in the display block section and are very simple to use.

To begin, we'd need to fill the frame with a specific color, which we know we can do by going to the display block section and selecting this specific block:

random image

After filling the frame with a specific color, we must find the block we use to draw sprites.

random image

In this block, we can select which of the many available sprites to draw and its coordinates.

random image

We decided to draw a sword on a white background at 50x50 coordinates.

Finally, don't forget about the "push frame" button.

random image

You can now press the Run button, and a sword should appear on Chatter's display.

Try drawing your sprite and putting it on Chatter's display now.