Block sections

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There are a total of nine sections in CircuitBlocks. We've organized them so that you'll be able to find everything in a maximum of two clicks.

The sections themselves are pretty self-explanatory, but we'll go through them all to get a little better understanding of the whole concept.


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This is where the base of every code is located.

Every if, if-else, else function, comparisons, and/or, not, true/false and other logical operators.  


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Loops are functions that repeat everything inside for a specific amount of time.

They can have conditional and repeat for as long as that condition is met or have a pre-determined number of repeats.


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Pretty much every math function is located here. From basic operations to rounding numbers and working with angles, you will easily trigger your inner Einstein or Pythagoras in a matter of seconds!


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Strings, characters, and string manipulation. Great place for creating new text and implementing it in your programs.


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Create a variable of any type and set its name and desired value. CB will automatically recognize the variable type (int, double, string, boolean), so you don’t need to worry about that.


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The Default Arduino function (explained on the previous page) is located here.

You can also create your functions which can then be inserted as one of the main parts of your program.


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Well, all these blocks are really not important if you don’t see anything on the screen!

Here is where all the magic translates to those colored pixels. You can create so much through these blocks.


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Everything regarding Chatter’s components is located here.


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Delays, timers, and other time-related stuff, great for creating cool animations and video games.

Search bar 

There is also a search bar above all function sections to ease the search for that one specific block you just can’t seem to find.  

Just type in whatever comes to your mind, and all blocks that have anything to do with the written word will be shown on the right-hand side.

Now, you really can’t say that it’s impossible to find something.

You’ve learned everything about the blocks!

It’s time to move on to the next lesson…