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Welcome to ByteBoi's usage guide!

Hopefully, you had fun assembling your ByteBoi. Are you ready to grow a bit more? We will show you how to use ByteBoi in this usage guide!

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Let's turn ByteBoi on! 

Using the switch located at the bottom left of ByteBoi, turn him on by pushing it to the right.

Here is the photo that'll explain to you what each button and switch means.

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First time?

If this is your first time turning on the ByteBoi, you should see the hardware test pop up. This is a cool little bit of software that will allow you to go through and make sure that you've assembled your ByteBoi correctly! Follow the on-screen instructions at each stage and, if there is an issue, check your soldering!

This is the first thing you'll see when you turn on the ByteBoi. This particular test is here to ensure all of your buttons are soldered correctly.

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You should press all six of the ByteBoi's buttons you soldered a few moments ago. If the button is working properly, the circle representing that button should turn green. If one of the circles is not turning green, one of the buttons is not working. In that case, you should check the soldering joints on your buttons.

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Don't forget to press the Select button! Even though you didn't solder this button, we have to ensure it's working. 

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After all the circles on the screen turn green - press the button A!

The wild sound test appears - if you can hear a melody, press A!  

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Another test? Yes, we have to make sure all the LEDs are working as it says on the screen. Make sure you see red, blue, and green lights on the back of your ByteBoi.

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And finally, here is the list of all the games contained on your SD card. These games are premade, and you can play them immediately. Later on, we'll show you how to make your own games!

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Low battery? Let's charge your ByteBoi!

The USB-C cable is used for charging and programming your device. Insert the other end of the cable into the power adapter!

After that, connect the power adapter into a power outlet to turn on your ByteBoi.

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A battery icon on display will change colors while being charged. Also, you'll notice one LED lightening up left to the USB port as a sign of it being charged.

Once it's fully charged, the LED located left of the USB port will turn off, and the battery icon will stop changing colors.

Frozen? Use the RESET Button

Got an issue with ByteBoi's software or just want to do a RESET? Press the RESET button located on the upper left side of the ByteBoi; this should RESET ByteBoi's system fixing a software problem.

Navigate through ByteBoi's menu

Use button A for entering the game and button B for exiting the game or going back to the menu.

Use the left and right buttons for listing through the list of games located on the SD card.

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ByteBoi comes with an SD card already in it, so you should see games as soon as you turn ByteBoi on.

If you click button A on an Anarch game, for example, this is what you'll be seeing:

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If your SD card is not inserted, the display will simply say No SD card.

Swiping to the right, you'll find all the games that are on your SD card.

Take note of this app called Wheelson RC. It's used for controlling your Wheelson using a Byteboi. Cool, right? We'll talk about that one in detail in the next chapter.

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