Explore the chips

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Those four RGB LEDs will make sure your ByteBoi is lightning up in three different colors! 

As their name says, they will light up in Red, Green, and Blue. 

2. LY68L6400 RAM chip

This chip is called LY68L6400SLIT, and it handles any extra-quick tasks that the main process, ESP-WROOM-32, needs to be done!

3. TC8002D chip

TC chip is used as an audio power amplifier. 

4. PCA9539APW chip

PCA chip controls push buttons and make sure the the information from input (pushbuttons) come to PCB.

5. JST-2P connectors

Those two connectors are used for manually connecting the battery and speaker to the main board.

6. G3035 Mosfet

This component is like a little switch that we can control. This allows the processor to turn on/off our Chatter's pushbuttons automatically!

7. PAM2320BECADJR chip

PAM 2320 is a Voltage Regulator outputting 3.3V to be used in the circuit!

8. CH340C chip

ByteBoi can communicate with your computer over USB, thanks to this little guy! 

Capacitors and resistors

The rest of the small components are called capacitors and resistors. These are the main parts of pretty much every electronic device in the world. They are used to control the flow of the current in a circle. There are a few locations on the board where these components are located, mainly around the ESP-
WROOM-32 module, the display, and the important chips.