You can still upgrade your phone to 4G

Hi everyone,

Since we’ve moved the shipment date, we decided to offer everyone one last chance to upgrade to 4G.

We ordered extra 4G network modules so send us a private message if you missed the last deadline.

Why would I need the upgrade?

There are mainly two reasons you might want a MAKERphone 4G:

1) Your carrier might phase out 2G in the near future or your carrier doesn’t support 2G at all. 

2G will remain available in most countries at least by early 2021 (and by 2025 in Europe). 2G was already shut down in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

2) You want the phone to use advanced cellular data connectivity (so, WiFi is not enough).

Let us know and we’ll make it work!

Thank you,

Albert & the team

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