Would you like to see this DIY tamagotchi kit in STEM Box #7?

Greetings and salutations!

I've had the idea for STEM Box for a few years now, but I've started thinking about it seriously last year.

The hardest thing to come up with was all the ideas for different products that are going to be a part of the STEM Box. 

One of the ideas that we had was a DIY Tamagotchi-like game where you'd solder a small device with a screen, RTC (real time clock) and a couple of pushbuttons and that would simulate a virtual creature you have to take care of. 

We've coded a game mechanic for buying hats... It was fun

The idea was to also have different minigames where you could earn an in-game currency and buy various things for your Bit Pet.

Obviously, Bit Pet didn't make it to the final STEM Box campaign, but we might bring it to STEM Box at some point.

Would you like to get a Bit Pet? If you people find this interesting enough, we might go back to developing it at some point.

Also, our campaign is coming to an amazing closure thanks to you folks! There are just 2 days left to get the best price ever for STEM Box!

Finally, I wanted to share a few projects with you that I had my eye on and that we're doing a cross-promotion with. These are all fresh projects and exciting creators who could use your support.

The Thermometer: Smaller. Instant. Smarter. ThermBot.ai

At home or on the go, ThermBot delivers instant temperature readings with 100% accuracy plus smart home assistants & IFTTT integration! CLICK HERE


JO-E Pack | EDC Multi-Functional Sling

An Everyday Carry Bag for daily & safety essentials. 12+ Features, FuseFabric, Flex Strap, & Brass Antimicrobial Key Hook Carabiner! CLICK HERE


Crownes Chess: Compact, portable nesting chess set

It is a compact solution for a full sized experience. Play this elegant chess set anywhere with anyone! CLICK HERE

Stay tuned for more updates!

- Albert





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