What you'll learn with CircuitMess Batmobile™

Hi there fellow makers,

In my last few updates here, I've been talking a lot about how important STEM education and using technology is and how I'm trying to do my best to help make it more fun for kids to learn.  

So, I wanted to let you know just a couple of things that you'll be able to learn with CircuitMess Batmobile™ without any stress or fear of not succeeding. 

Even though this Batmobile will come disassembled, you don't have to worry! We've made sure even the youngest of engineers (7+) can assemble it. The best part is you'll get all the tools and components needed, and you'll have detailed instructions so that you don't get lost along the way. 

After you assemble your Batmobile and its controller, you'll be all set to learn things such as:


  • How autonomous vehicles work and what computer vision is 

  • How to code a microcontroller

  • How to calibrate Batmobile's camera

  • How electromotors work

  • How to code your own computer vision program

You'll learn all this while having fun because I believe that's the best way to awaken curiosity and stay motivated to keep exploring and learning more. 


What are you looking forward to learning about the most? 


Stay tuned for more updates! 



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