What you’ll get in your Ultimate pack?

Hi everyone, 

I've let you know a little bit about the Inventor's pack that's available as one of the perks in our listing so I'd like to share some information on another perk we have available called the CircuitMess Batmobile™ ultimate pack

So, what is the Ultimate Pack? 

First of all, you should choose this perk if you wish to go straight to the pros - from soldering zero to soldering hero. 🦸‍♂️


You'll get everything that's included in the inventor's pack along with an extra set of components and boards that will teach you about soldering and electronic prototyping.

Here's a little info on all of them: 

1. Soldering pro module - This module contains various input and output electronic components such as pushbuttons, LEDs, sliders, knobs, buzzers. 


They come unsoldered, and we'll teach you how to solder them. After you're done with soldering, you can connect this module to the controller and code away. 


2. Extra electronic components for prototyping - This is a bunch of components that you'll use on the Breadboard module. These are intended for prototyping, and you'll learn the basics of electronics by using them. 


3. Breadboard magnetic snap-on module - This module has a solderless breadboard on it and a co-processor that can be programmed. 


A breadboard is this white thing with lots of holes - you stick components in it and form connections between them without soldering. Breadboards are used as a fast and easy way of prototyping electronics. 


4. Jumper wires - You'll use these wires for forming circuits on the Breadboard module. 


5. Photo board module - This is an empty prototyping board where you can solder the included electronic components and for unique electronic circuits that you can later program and interface with your Batmobile controller. 


You'll also get a tools pack with a soldering iron, cutters, pliers, solder pump, and solder (worth $39.99 in retail).

Here's what you'll get in your Tools pack:

1. 60W soldering iron with temperature regulation

2. Diagonal cutter pliers

3. Needle nose pliers

4. Solder (lead-free)

5. Soldering iron stand

6. Precision screwdriver

7. Desoldering pump


These tools will not only allow you to assemble your Batmobile, but they'll also help you get into the world of electronics. 


This perk is 30% off the regular retail price which means that you save $70. Awesome, right? 


Do you already have some ideas on what you'd tinker with first? 🤔


Stay tuned for more updates!



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