We're launching CircuitMess Batmobile™️ in less than 24 hours! 💪

Hi folks,

🦇 It's finally happening! 🦇

After many months of hard work and preparations for this project,  I'm happy to announce that we will be launching CircuitMess Batmobile™️ tomorrow 🌟 [October 5th at 10:00 am CET ]🌟.

Of course, as soon as the project is live on Kickstarter tomorrow, I will share the link here with you. 🙂


In the meantime, as I'm so excited about this, I would like to invite you to join my:

- Discord group: https://discord.com/invite/UZkp89eN4y

- Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/circuitmessbatmobile/


In these groups, you will feel all the hype surrounding the launch of Batmobile.


We're discussing the technologies used for this DIY kit, answering all the questions from the interested makers and we'll be also following the progress of the Kickstarter campaign! 👀👀


See you all tomorrow!!🤟



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