Update on Batmobile's casings, test jigs and in-person event!

Hi everyone,

Here’s a short update on our progress.

All the Batctontroller’s casings have been manufactured.

Here is what they look like:

Also, we are working on the test jigs for Batmobile.

For every device we manufacture, we need to design the quality control process to ensure the goods sent to the customers are working correctly.

That's why we've developed a universal test jig that we just adapt to every new product that we create.

We're using a Raspberry Pi as the main brain behind the test jig and a series of pogo pin probes and hidden test pads on the PCBs to perform the tests.

Here is what the main part of the jigs looks like:

What making jigs look like

Lastly, a weekly reminder that we’re organizing an in-person event in Zagreb, Croatia, in January 2023 (date to be announced, it’s going to be a Saturday).

More information will be provided once we find out how many of you are interested in attending.

Please fill out this Google form and mark if you are interested in coming to the event (takes 30 seconds)


At this event, you will be able to personally pick up your Batmobile order, meet the CircuitMess team, tour our HQ, and spend your Saturday learning about electronics. 🚀

If you want to meet the amazing team behind your Batmobile, fill out the form

Stay tuned for more updates,
Albert and the CM team

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