Take a look at the process of ByteBoi production

Hi folks,

When we get the PCB boards from the factory, they're plain, so we have to run them through a Solder paste stencil printer to apply solder paste to the parts of the board that will need to be connected to components.


The next step is to put the boards inside the Pick and place machine that assembles our circuit boards. It has roles of components that are then picked up with four little suction cups and placed on the board.


This machine also has a camera that uses computer vision to check whether the components are placed in the correct spot.

The final step is to put the boards in a Reflow oven that melts all the solder and connects the chips to the board.


Finally, we do a quality control check and manually fix some connections if they need fixing.


It's quite the process, huh? 


Get ready to receive your ByteBoi soon, and stay tuned for more updates!



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