Surveys are being sent out! You will receive your survey in the next 3 days.

Hey everyone,

Your shipping address surveys are being sent out.

Bear with me and read the following explanation of what's happening and why:


1. Why do we need a survey?

Kickstarter does not collect your address when you back a project.

The project creator (us) needs to send out a survey that collects addresses from backers.

The surveys are sent out close to package dispatch dates because people tend to move between the time a project gets backed and the time it gets delivered.


2. Do I need to fill out this survey?


We do not have your address, you have never given it to us.

We cannot send your Kickstarter reward without your address.

This is the way Kickstarter works.


3. When will I get my survey?

We have sent the surveys to a portion of backers today and we will gradually send them out to all backers in the next three days. 

You will get an email with a link to the survey by Wednesday.


4. Why don't you send out surveys to all backers instantly right now?

We are sending surveys gradually through a period of three days.

We are doing this so that we can monitor the process and our servers for bugs and fix them immediately as soon as we spot them. 

If we spot a bug, we have more time to fix it because the survey was not sent to all backers right away.


5. How will I receive my survey? 

We will send you an email. 

We will use the email address associated with your Kickstarter account.

The email will look like this: 

6. I need to change my email address (panic!)

Send an email to, include your backer ID or some other info about your Kickstarter pledge.


7. Why do I need to pay something in the survey?

The survey charges the shipping cost for your pledge depending on your address and the perk you have chosen. 

The shipping amount was not billed in the Kickstarter campaign and needs to be charged in the survey relative to your shipping address.

For more information, check the main "story" section of the campaign. The shipping table is over there as well.


8. Why do I need to create a CircuitMess account in the survey?

You need to create the account with an account password so that you can:

a) manage your STEM Box subscription

b) see your order history

c) access exclusive content that will be available only to STEM Box supporters


9. How much time do I have to fill out the survey?

The survey will take 3 minutes of your time. 

Please complete yours in a week's time so that we can pack your order on time and have everything dispatched in the coming weeks.


10. When will I receive my Kickstarter reward? 

We are working around the clock to produce, test, pack, and ship your first STEM Box as soon as possible. 

Our main priority is delivering your first STEM Box before Christmas. 

We plan to start dispatching your rewards in the coming weeks. 

I cannot give you a precise date and time yours will ship, but I understand how impatient you all are to try out your Spencers and I am doing everything I can to overcome all challenges and deliver a truly fun product as soon as possible. 

I will keep you posted on our progress as frequently as I can. 


Thank you, everyone. If you have any questions that were not covered by this update, tell me in the comments below.

-Albert and the team 

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