Surprise! We've added even more perks

Hi everyone,

We're always listening to your suggestions, so we've added even two new perks that you can choose from. 

You can now adjust your pledge and choose one of these two perks for a special price: 

  •  CircuitMess Batmobile™ inventor's buddy pack US$249
  •  CircuitMess Batmobile™ ultimate buddy pack US$289

With the CircuitMess Batmobile™ inventor's buddy pack, you'll get all the components and tools necessary for building two CircuitMess Batmobiles™. 

You and your sidekick get to both assemble and code the Caped Crusader’s iconic vehicle. This perk includes two extra packs of snap-on magnetic modules that will allow you to tinker and expand Batmobile™'s functionalities.

You should choose the CircuitMess Batmobile™ ultimate buddy pack if you wish to go straight to the pros. You'll get all the components and tools necessary for building two CircuitMess Batmobiles™. 


You'll get two Batmobile ultimate packs for a special discounted price. You'll also get two tools packs with a soldering iron, cutters, pliers, solder pump, and solder (worth a total of $79.99 in retail).

If you've already backed the project but want to choose one of these two new perks, you can do so at any point while the campaign is live. 


Modifying your pledge is really easy but if you're not sure how to do that, check out this video.

If you have any issues adjusting your pledge, reach out to me, and I'll help you out! 

You can send me a direct message here on Kickstarter or reach out to me via




A friend of mine from Google, Brandon Tory, has launched an amazing programming book for kids age 6+ which helps them understand the fundamentals of coding without the use of computers called Little Hackers: Learning to Code for Early Readers. This is the basic principle of Little Hackers - you don't need a computer to read, understand, and experiment with code. You only need to think. I think it's a great methodology and I would highly recommend everyone checking out their campaign.

With Little hackers you can: 

💻 Learn to Code

📵 Without a computer

🧒 Built for ages 6+

📱 Augmented Reality (AR)


Click here to learn more about the campaign.


Thanks, and stay tuned for more updates!



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