STEM Box update #4 — How does Jay-D work?

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Hi guys,

We’ve just published Jay-D’s Anatomy Guide! In this guide, you will learn a bit more about the soldered components that make up Jay-D, small connections, LED lights, and drivers.

Check it out here:

This is a really cool resource that you can use to learn specifics on what each component does so that you get a deeper understanding of what it takes to make Jay-D functional.


You will also learn the specifics of each chip included on the board:


Another fun thing that you can find in this guide is Jay-D’s block diagram.

The diagram shows how the components are connected and explains how different inputs are accepted and processed by different drives and how they affect the outputs.


Be sure to check out Jay-D’s anatomy guide so that you can understand how exactly Jay-D works.

More updates coming soon!

- Albert & the CircuitMess Team

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