STEM Box Update #31 - We’ve hit some speedbumps with Synthia’s production, but don’t worry

Hi everyone,

We are working very hard here in CircuitMess to get the 6th STEM box, Synthia, delivered to your door.

Both hardware and software are finished, and the final version looks fantastic!

Unfortunately, due to the semiconductor shortage and problems in the supply chain, we are experiencing a bit of delay in production and delivery.

One of the component suppliers supplied us with the wrong version of the MEMS microphone needed for Synthia’s production.

This cost us valuable time as we had to order a replacement component from a different supplier.

We’ve resolved this issue and are currently manufacturing Synthia’s PCBs as fast as possible. 

The good news is that Synthia’s delivery will start next week.

You’ll be informed when the shipping starts - we’ll post an update once again, and you’ll get an email with the tracking link.

Also,  check out the fun times we had during the Synthia's photoshoot: 

This is the final design of the box: 

And this is what will the assembled device look like: 

We are also working on Synthia's Build guide to lead you through the assembly once you receive the box.

Here's a sneak peek into that:

Thank you for your patience.

- Albert & the CircuitMess team

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