STEM Box #4 (ByteBoi) hardware changes and shipping timeline

Hi everyone,

Albert here 👋

Albert, where's my ByteBoi? 

The semiconductor crisis made us switch from ATSAMD51 to ESP32 - a completely different processor based on a different CPU architecture.

This happened midway through our development process because the chip vanished from the market.

I am sorry for the delay. We did everything we could to bring this product to you folks as soon as possible.  

Where's my ByteBoi?

This prolonged the development and production time, but we're finally packing the devices and shipping them out to you folks. 

packing hard or hardly packing?

Enough fluff, Albert. What did you change on ByteBoi's hardware? 

The console now has a dual-core instead of a single-core CPU. 

It's faster. It can play 3D games.

We've ported this open-source Doom-inspired game called Anarch, and we'll ship it with the console. 

We've added RGB LEDs. 

This lights the console's back up and adds extra bling bling to the experience.

Can you spot the RGB LEDs?

We've added an SD card. 

Games and music are stored on the SD card. 

We're giving away a free 1GB SD card with every console.

The thing now has an SD card

ESP32 is not compatible with MakeCode Arcade, so we had to drop the MakeCode Arcade support. 

I'm sorry, but no Makecode-compatible chip that fits the needs of ByteBoi is currently available on the market. 

We had to do this change in order to deliver this to you guys.

MakeCode Arcade is a no-go. But don't freak out, we're updating CircuitBlocks to work more like MakeCode Arcade

You will be able to code your ByteBoi in CircuitBlocks. We're updating it and making it more like MakeCode Arcade. 

It will, for example, have a sprite editor.

Wheelson RC control YAY!

We've switched from Micro-USB to USB-C.

When will I get it?

We'll ship it this month, and you'll receive it this month, or early December the latest.


What about Chatter?

We're working on it and trying to prevent any further delays.


The global supply chain issues and the semiconductor crisis are not making our lives easier, but we're doing everything we can to get this delivered in January. 

Top secret confidential work in progress

CircuitMess Batmobile just hit $300k!

I just wanted to thank all of you that have supported my latest project!

I've been working on this for two years and have spent countless hours negotiating with Warner and coordinating developers, suppliers, designers, and everyone involved to make this project happen.


Seeing it smash the goal warms my heart. Thank you, everyone 💪💪💝

The project is still live

There's a limited number of early bird Batmobiles available.

Grab yours here

Hugs and kisses from CircuitMess

- Albert 




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