Spencer's production is under way

Hi everyone,

The past month just flew by as we had our hands full with all the work that had to be done for Spencer's fulfillment.

We're still on track for a November 2020 shipment and we've done the following:

- Spencer's hardware design is finished, stress-tested, and locked 

- Spencer's components are ordered

- We've received most of the electronic components and are still waiting for big and/or heavy parts that were sent with a cargo ship such as speakers and packaging foams

- Spencer's casings are being cut on our laser cutting machines as we speak

What we still have to do in the following weeks:

- Optimize, finish, and lock Spencer's software

- Design the test jigs for testing Spencers in the production process

- Assemble the PCBs with a pick and place machine (this hopefully starts next week already)

- Receive and pack everything and ship it to you folks

The surveys where we'll ask you for your shipping addresses will be sent within the following two weeks so watch your emails.

Finally, here are some sneak-peek photos of Spencer's final PCBs and hardware design protypes: 

I'll try to write more often in the following weeks since there will be lots of interesting things to share!


Stay tuned 

- Albert and the crew

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