Spencer's coding support is here y'all, sorry for the wait

Hi everyone, 

We've pushed an update for CircuitBlocks that allows you to code your Spencers now.

I've written a short tutorial with some fun examples of what you can do with your Spencer now - check it out.

I apologize for the wait, everyone.

Please understand that we are a tiny team with very ambitious ideas and schedules. 


Sometimes this ambition turns into delays because we cannot make certain things work on time to meet the deadlines.

We're definitely smarter and wiser after this whole experience. 

Spencer was the first product that we've produced that includes a very complex set of technologies such as:

- machine learning

- advanced networking on a large scale (we've figured out that maintaining the network infrastructure for 2000+ devices is a tad harder than we've expected)

- server-based speech recognition and speech synthesis

Nonetheless, I will do my best as the CEO of CircuitMess to prevent any further delays from happening with our further product launches or to inform you more frequently on the issues and delays if they arise in the development process. 


If you are a pro-hacker, you'll be delighted to hear that Spencer's source code and code library were released as well.


I didn't receive my Spencer yet

Hey, if you didn't receive your Spencer yet, it's because of one of these two reasons:

1. you didn't fill out the survey yet, and we do not have your address. We still have 200+ users that need to give us their addresses. If you haven't filled out the survey yet and are having trouble with it, please reach out to us via contact@circuitmess.com


2. If you have filled out the survey and still haven't gotten your Spencer, that means that we didn't manage to pack and dispatch it yet. We have a small number of orders that still need fulfillment, and we're going through this backlog as fast as we can.


What's up with Jay-D?

We're working on Jay-D's hardware and software simultaneously, and we're making good progress.

We're already producing certain components needed for the kits, such as boxes, plastic knobs, and displays.

The Chinese new year holiday is making our plans a bit difficult - it's basically a holiday where most of the factories in China shut down for the entirety of February. Still, we're doing everything we can to get Jay-Ds shipped as soon as possible.

Here's a photo of a work-in-progress hardware prototype of Spencer's PCB. I'll develop more photos once we come up with a final design that we're satisfied with.


About Jay-D's delivery date, we're racing towards a March dispatch date. Still, I cannot give any precise promises at this point other than that we are going to do everything we can to finish and deliver Jay-D as soon as possible.

Also, I  promise to write updates more frequently and keep you all informed as much as I can. 


Thank you and keep making :)

- Albert and the team

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