Shipping timeline update - estimated delivery in June/July

Hey there folks,

I wanted to give you a brief personal update on what’s going on regarding MAKERphone's production.

The great thing is that we have sourced, ordered, and received 90% of the components. Now we just need a bit more time to receive, test, assemble, and pack everything.

That means we’ll need more time in order to fulfill what we promised at the start of this campaign. Our estimate is that your Kickstarter rewards will start shipping in late June and will be completely fulfilled in July.

I am really proud of what we’ve managed to achieve since the beginning of this campaign, but I’m also very sorry for the delays that are happening so i wanted to explain a bit.

We have never designed our own mobile phone before and couldn’t anticipate all the issues that we would run through in the process.

The main problem that we had was designing five circuit boards that will work together:

  1. The display board
  2. The brain board
  3. The sound board
  4. The network board
  5. And the main board

This seemed like an easy task at first, but we soon realized that having a bunch of network antennas all close together makes the job a lot harder.

That’s why we had to develop over 8 versions of every circuit board with different layouts and components before we got something that was working reliably and without any interference.

Since we are running late, we will ship all phones using a faster shipping method - every MAKERphone will ship using DHL or DPD instead of regular international tracked shipping. This means that your phones will travel for 3 - 5 days instead of 10 - 20 days.

Currently, we are still receiving, testing, and packing all of the components for your phones.

The acrylic casings are being cut and the electronic circuit boards are being manufactured.

We still need to assemble all circuit boards using a pick-and-place machine, flash the firmware to the microcomputers and SD cards and put all the individual components in your boxes.

This is the biggest project that our little startup did so far and I am really thankful for your support and patience. We wouldn’t be here and this product wouldn’t happen without you.

We’ll keep you updated as frequently as possible!

Thanks again and keep making

Thank you for your patience, everyone!
Thank you for your patience, everyone!

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