Shipping progress update #2 - When am I going to get my phone and why does it look different compared to the Kickstarter photos?

Hello backers,

Everyone is slowly getting their phones delivered and everything should, hopefully, be delivered within the next few weeks!

Once again, thank you for making this project happen, we are overwhelmed by the support and love.

Now that the product is finally in your hands there are a couple of things to notice - it isn’t exactly the same as in our Kickstarter video.

The phone went through several different versions during the process of us trying to make a quality product. While the looks may not be the same, every specification and feature in the phone is the same or better than in our first prototypes!

You’re getting a much bigger microSD card (4GB), we upped the battery size to 1300 mAh and made the phone much more durable and reliable.

Some of you were also supposed to receive custom casings. Unfortunately, due to some logistical and practical reasons (the casing is just not big enough to customize it!), we could not have made the custom casings as we initially thought.

For you who should’ve gotten those, we’ve added one additional casing in a different color, so you have more than one look to rock on your super-cool new phone!

We hope everyone is happy with the final product and that you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed during the whole process of making it happen.

Cheers and catch you again soon,

Albert & the team

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