Progress update

Hey there MAKERphone people,

here's an update on our current progress compared to what we've planned and published in the last shipping timeline update:

12th August -> All Main boards are assembled and tested; 

We still didn't receive all the Main boards from the PCB assembly factory as they're experiencing some delays in the assembly process since some of their workers are on summer vacations.

14th August -> All speakers arrive from the factory; 

We've received the speakers, but our supplier made a mistake and equipped the speakers with the wrong connector type and cable length. They've apologized for the mistake since they're 100% responsible for it as we've defined everything clearly before making the payment and have also ordered and examined speaker samples that had the correct cables and connectors.

They've made a partial refund for this, but it created a lot of extra manual work that we currently have to do - cut all the speakers' wires to the correct wire length and crimp the JST PH 2.0 connector onto the wires.

16th August -> 2G device shipping starts; 

We've shipped a few kits, but we're still waiting for the majority of the Main boards to arrive from the PCB factory. 

20th August -> All casings are laser cut and ready for shipping; 

Fortunately, we had no problems with the laser cutting and most of the casing are now cut and prepared.

26th August (the latest) -> 4G modules arrive from the factory;

We've received an update from the supplier a few days ago and this is still on track. We should receive the modules by 26th August.

29th August (the latest) -> 4G shipping starts; 

This might get a bit delayed, depending on when we receive all of the main boards from the PCB assembly factory.

Conclusion: We're experiencing some delays with the current schedule, but we're still confident that we can fulfill all the rewards by the end of September as promised. We'll keep you posted on our progress.


In order to make this update a bit more interesting, here are some photos from our warehouse: 

If you ever wondered, this is what 3000pcs of Micro SD cards look like -  you get them packed in small pallets.

We’re currently formatting and preloading all the cards with games and content using a specialized machine - a Micro SD duplicator. This black box can burn 15 SD cards simultaneously and asynchronously.


Stay tuned!
 - Albert

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