New reward perks - MAKERphone 4G

Hey folks,

MAKERphone 4G just became an option in the rewards section. 

When we sought out to build MAKERphone, we wanted to demystify mobile phones and create an affordable educational device. 

After the great success (thank you all) - one of the most common requests was - will there be a 4G/LTE version of MAKERphone? 

So we put our minds and hands together and as of today - we’re offering MAKERphone 4G for all our packs (like BFF, PartyAnimal, Educational pack etc…) 

Why would you want a 4G version of MAKERphone?

There are mainly two reasons you might want a MAKERphone 4G:

1) Your carrier might phase out 2G in the near future or your carrier doesn’t support 2G at all.

2G will remain available in most countries at least by early 2021 (and by 2025 in Europe). 2G was already shut down in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore.

2) You want the phone to use advanced cellular data connectivity (so, WiFi is not enough).

If you plan just on assembling the MAKERphone, using it for phone calls, text messages, playing music and connecting it to WiFi - you can probably just stick with the standard MAKERphone.

If not - you can just go ahead and adjust your perk!

How is the MAKERphone 4G different?

MAKERphone 4G is a version of MAKERphone with a 4G chipset (SIM7600) instead of a 2G GSM chipset (SIM800) that’s included on the standard MAKERphone.  

4G chipsets are still much more expensive than regular 2G chipsets.  

The other aspects of MAKERphone will work similarly on both models.

Thanks again for your support. We’re passing our stretch goals with the speed of light so expect a new update with a poll for a unique game of your choice and a new stretch goal announcement soon!

Keep making!  
- Albert and the MAKERphone gang

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