MINI COMPETITION - Who can take the best photo of MAKERphone?

Hello everyone!

We have a couple of exciting news and we need your help to make something happen. :D

Soon we'll be moving into our new office in Zagreb (the capital of Croatia) which would mean a lot more possibilities for cooperation with other young and promising investors, which we hope, will ultimately lead to new exciting products.

Of course, we don't want to forget about our old products either, since we'll still be upgrading the software of MAKERphone and keep making the whole experience as exciting as it can be.

For the decoration of our new office, however, we are going to need your photos! Since MAKERphone has been shipped across SIX CONTINENTS (still waiting on that Antarctica order!), we are very happy with the global success of our campaign. That also means that a lot of you are from some very exciting cities and areas with beautiful landmarks and sceneries. 

What's your mission? Take a photo of yourself holding a MAKERphone (and/or a MAKERbuino if you own it) on an iconic place in your city. Anything can be in the background - a monument, a beautiful view, or maybe something specific in your city that you think would look good on the photo! We're giving extra points for creativity and the amount of 'happy' your face is showing!

What you're getting? Other than being exposed in our new office, we're also giving away FREE MERCH! The best of the best will get a complete package of our super cool merch - T-SHIRTS, STICKERS (YAY!), AN ECO-FRIENDLY BAG and some other very cool stuff!

We're very thankful for this whole campaign and hope to collect as many of your photos as possible so we can really and fully enjoy our new office space.

For everyone who wants to participate, please send your photos to

Thanks in advance everyone, you are the best!

Albert & the team

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