Look inside our office!

Hi everyone, 

Did you know that all of our sets are designed, developed, and manufactured right here in our office in Zagreb? 

We have a lot of cool machines here, and I've made a short video to show you around and tell a bit more about how our whole process works.

You'll see where we handle everything from research and development, finance, administration, sales, marketing to processing and packing orders. Everything is done right here in our HQ. 


We've actually moved to this office in Zagreb, Croatia, from Karlovac, Croatia, in 2020. So, in one of my next updates, I'll tell you a little bit more about our old office and how the company started in 2017 after our first Kickstarter campaign. 


If you think this office is a mess, wait till I tell you about our old office in Karlovac.  :) 


What's your favorite part of our office? 



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