Jay-D, show us what you're made of! (STEM Box #2)

Greetings and salutations!

As per your requests, I'll be writing a bit more about various components that you'll receive in your STEM Boxes.

In this update, I'll reflect on Jay-D's hardware.

Here's a professional diagram of Jay-D's components that I just made in Paint:

A bit more about the individual components:

1) The main circuit board - this is the most significant part of Jay-D. It has copper traces that connect various components to make them work as a DJ mixtable.

2) Light-up pushbuttons - these are used for triggering actions such as song playback, song selection, filter selection, etc. The fun part about them is that every button has an LED inside that can be individually controlled and dimmed by the main microcomputer.

3) Sliders (funny-looking variable resistors) - these components change their resistance when you slide them forward or backward. Every mixtable has them, and they're used for fading between songs, adjusting volume, and effects.

4) Nuts, bolts, spacers - these keep Jay-D's casing in place.

5) Brain board - has a CPU, Flash, and an SD card slot

6) Pin headers - they connect various smaller circuit boards to the main circuit board

7) Knobs (variable resistors) - they change their resistance when you turn them clockwise or counterclockwise. They're used for adjusting effects, playback speeds, etc.

8) Sound board - has an onboard DAC and a 3.4W Class D amplifier. Makes sounds

9) Headphone connector - you can connect your Jay-D to an external speaker with this

10) Rotary encoder switch - this is a rotary switch that does click-click when you turn it around, and you can press it as well in order to make another click. It's used for going through the menus on Jay-D's screen.

11) Display board - 160x128 TFT color LCD

12) Big chunky speakers for lots of base - we're still in the process of finding the supplier for them, so we'll announce the final specs of the speakers at a later date.

I hope you find updates like this one interesting and I'll keep you updated on our progress.

We're working hard on finishing Spencer's hardware design and we're on track for November shipment.

- Albert and the team


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