Hey everyone,

The long awaited survey is here!

If you wondered if we’ll deliver the MAKERphone on the wrong address - fear no more.

Before you get all caught up in the new Game of Thrones episodes (da na - nanana naaaa - na na naaaa), make sure to fill out delivery details and some other preferences.

Besides shipping details, you'll be asked to choose your casing color and be able to purchase some additional goodies.

The links to surveys were sent to your emails and Kickstarter private message inboxes. 

There are few colors for the MAKERphone casings
There are few colors for the MAKERphone casings

Important! If you haven’t received or filled out survey, we won’t have your delivery address, so make sure to contact us if there’s any issues and we’ll sort them out.


Until we find out the rightful heir to the Iron Throne..


- Albert and the team


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