How Can STEM Kits Help You Engage a 9-year-old Kid at Home?

Your 9-year-old child will soon become a teenager, and you can already see a change in his behavior.

9-year-olds are maturing emotionally and becoming more cognitively advanced.

That's all great, but you've noticed that it's increasingly difficult to engage your child in something because he has mood swings, and his interests often change.

This is normal, but as a good parent, you want your child's day to be filled with activities that will keep him engaged and happy.

How to engage a 9-year-old kid? It is best to offer him something fun, educational, and rewarding that will keep him entertained.


Our STEM kits for kids are perfect for that, and we'll explain why in this article.

What Are The Characteristics of 9-year-olds?

We do not want to generalize, each child is unique for himself, but we will explain some universal characteristics of 9-year-olds.

Your child is not so little anymore, he will soon become a teenager, and you have already noticed changes in his behavior.

You first notice that your kid is much more mature and his way of thinking has changed.

But don't be surprised; a 9-year-old kid can become tired, moody, and charge interest daily.

You can no longer tell him some of the stories that worked when he was a small child.

Your kid is probably starting to doubt the existence of Santa.

In this period, the child begins to develop his personality more and to look for his interests.

Therefore, he needs to be offered opportunities to find what works for him.

Why is it Hard For Kids Today to Stay Focused?

The fact that the child is older and more mature does not mean it will be easier to maintain focus.

 Actually, the kid is even more easily distracted now.

It is characteristic for this age group that their attention span is between 20 and 30 minutes. 

After this, it's time to refocus unless the activity is engaging.

And parents have formidable enemies against them in the fight for children's attention.

These are smartphones, computers, video games, Netflix, etc.

Children today have a vast choice of how to spend their time.

Playing online video games, doing Tik Tok dancing challenges, and binge-watching favorite cartoons all day are things kids love today.

And you know what, let them.

You played classic Nintendo all day in your childhood, like all the kids back then.

Every generation has its own trends, so don't be that parent who is against the things normal to today's children.

How much time do you spend on your smartphone?

You can't expect a child not to do the same.

However, a child of that age should only spend the whole day in front of a screen.

Too much screen time can lead to obesity, vision problems, chronic neck and back pain caused by physical inactivity, and lower test scores.

In more extreme cases, addiction is also possible, such as phone addiction.

How to Engage a 9-year-old Kid at Home?

Despite all these modern distractions, you can still get your child to use their time more productively.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Offer Non-screen Games That You Can Play Together

Where have the good old board games or card games gone?

We know they're not trendy anymore, and they can't compete with all the cool stuff today.

They may not be trendy, but board games never go out of style.

Board games encourage quality family time and inspire children to think and strategize.

Risk, Monopoly, and Mystery Clues games will surely interest your child.

As for the card games, Uno is a great suggestion, a quick and simple game that will keep your child's attention.

2. Find Educational Content For Your Child

Just because your child is on the phone doesn't mean he can't do something educational.

You can find him on a YouTube channel that talks about robotics for kids because that can get him interested in robotics.

Platforms for learning new languages ​​are also a good choice.

Anything that isn't just mindless staring at social networks is good.

3. Work Together With Your Child on Some Project

Fixing an appliance in the house or making new bookshelves, it's important that your child is involved.

Let him watch you work first; later, your kid can try with your supervision.

This way, the child will learn something new and develop new abilities by watching you.

Why Are Our STEM Kits Perfect For Child Engagement at Home?

Our STEM kits for kids are based on fun and education.

What better way for children to learn something new than through fun?

Our products come in parts because we believe that the DIY approach sparks interest in children and awakens new skills in them.

We have the perfect product for your child, the Wacky Robots STEM kit, designed for ages 9+.


Bob, Capacitron, Mr. Bee, Marv, and Resistron, these amusing robots will help your child dive into the world of electronics.

Your child will definitely be engaged while trying to assemble the robot, following the instructions.

This STEM kit will primarily keep your child entertained but also teach him various concepts related to electronics.

Those terms are LEDs, capacitors, unbalanced motors, pushbuttons, switches, resistance, etc.

When a child is curious about something, then the attention span increases. 

Our STEM kits are designed to stimulate curiosity and creativity in children. 

Your child may have a successful engineering career one day and cites Wacky Robots as a first influence.

Kids lose interest in something when they get it all at once.

That's why we decided to offer our STEM kit as a subscription so that when you subscribe, your new robot of the month arrives at your address.

Oh yes! We also added collector cards with each robot so your child would be motivated to collect them all.

You can check our complete offer here

We believe that you will find something that will occupy your kid, teach him something new, and awaken new skills that will be useful in his life.

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