How Long Should a 10-year-old Play Video Games Per Day?

There are different studies on whether video games are harmful to kids or not.

According to most parents, video games are harmful.

But parents who think video games are bad were probably told by their parents that television was bad.

And no one mentions the harmfulness of television for children anymore. 

Video games and mobile phones are mostly the targets of such accusations.

But is there an optimal amount of time for children to play video games daily without consequences?

When answering that question, we must consider the child's age and approach to other responsibilities, such as school and physical activity.


You understand this, and you don't want to be the parent don't allow his child to play video games, but you also feel that your child should not spend too much time in front of the screen.

We have the perfect product for you that perfectly answers your wishes and keeps your kid entertained at the same time.

That product is our STEM kit CircuitMess Gaming Bundle where your child creates their own video game. How cool is that?

But we have to go deeper into the topic so that it will be more apparent to you how Gaming Bundle can help you and your child.

Are Video Games Harmful to Kids?

We'll answer that frequently asked question right away.

Yes, it's true; video games can be harmful to children.

But you know what else can be harmful? Drinking too much water and even eating too much broccoli.

How can broccoli be harmful when it is the epitome of health, and we always force children to eat broccoli.

We know you don't believe us, but huge amounts of broccoli can have a negative effect on your health.

It goes without saying that these are enormous quantities.

Why are we talking about broccoli when the topic is video games?

The point is that absolutely too much of anything can be harmful, including video games.

Unfortunately, video games can be so much fun that kids neglect homework to play video games as much as possible.

And because of long night gaming sessions, children lose precious sleep, which is very important for their development.

Also, so much exposure to the screen can damage vision, and lack of physical activity can lead to obesity.

How Much Gaming is Too Much?

Your kid is ten years old, and you're wondering how much time a day is okay for him to play video games.

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, that time should be under 30 to 60 minutes per day on school days and 2 hours or less on non-school days.

These numbers should be even lower when it comes to younger children.

If your child follows this video game schedule, there will be no problem.

But we know that children often do not respect this.

Especially kids who are already teenagers and are no longer the cute little obedient children they were when they were younger.

According to the parent survey, adolescent boys spend around three hours a day playing video games.

We will agree that these numbers are considerable and can disturb your child regarding healthy sleep, social interaction, homework, etc.

In more extreme cases, video gaming addiction can also occur.

While the majority of gamers in the world play casually, there is also a small portion where addiction can occur.

Typical signs of video gaming addiction in children are:

  • Playing video games for a considerable number of hours daily
  • Neglecting responsibilities such as school, household chores, and even personal hygiene
  • Loss of interest in hobbies they used to enjoy
  • Constantly talking about your favorite games
  • Lying about time spent gaming
  • Irritability at the mention of a reduction in playing video games
  • Excessive spending of money on new video games and in-game currencies

Does Playing Video Games Have Any Benefits For Your Child?

It is finally time to defend video games in this article.

According to the development of the video gaming industry, various studies are being conducted on the harm and benefits of video games.

Did you know that gaming may be associated with better cognitive performance in children?

study of nearly 2,000 children found that children who reported playing video games for three hours per day or more performed better on cognitive skills tests involving impulse control and working memory than children who had never played video games.

What skills can video games improve in children:

Creativity - it is clear that a child develops imagination and creativity when exploring all those fantastic gaming worlds.

Memory - all special moves must be memorized when playing fighting games.

Patience - we don't mean waiting for loading screens only, but patience for the right move at the right moment.

Social skills - although many consider video games anti-social activities, the reality is much different. Through gaming, children socialize with each other in the game or in real life.

3 Tips for Establishing Healthy Gaming Habits for Kids

It is clear to everyone that the gaming industry is increasingly present in our children's lives.

You can't expect them to just stop being interested in video games when all the kids around them love gaming.

But some healthy habits regarding gaming can be established, namely:

1. Set Clear Limits

We know many parents have no limits for their children regarding video games or the time their kids spend on the phone.

You don't want to be a strict parent, especially to a child who has already become a teenager, but some limits must be known.

Set precisely how many video games your child can play per day, and make sure your child respects that.

And yes, remember that gaming can only happen when your child finishes all other responsibilities.

2. Take an Interest in Games Your Child is Playing

Have you heard stories about how violent video games can make violent kids?

Take your time and look at what your child is playing.

We live in a time when the mature rating is clearly displayed on everything, including video games.

You certainly don't want your child to watch an overly violent movie; it's the same with games.

3. Offer Positive Reinforcement for Non-gaming Activities 

Sports activities, social games, and even helping you in the garage are all activities that can really mean a lot to your child.

We are CircuitMess, and we have just the thing for your 10-year-old.

How Are STEM Kits For Kids Related to Gaming?


Our STEM kits improve the same skills as gaming.

Through putting together our amazing STEM projects, children learn patience, creativity, curiosity, problem-solving, and similar skills that will help them in life.

All this sounds like Minecraft, only better.

Still not convinced your child would like it?

Our CircuitMess Gaming Bundle is just the thing for your little gamer.

This fantastic gaming bundle allows your child to build their own console from scratch.

Handheld consoles come in parts, and it's up to your child to put them together to play the cool games we've specially selected.

And it is possible to make and code your own games.

Children interested in video games may later become interested in engineering and robotics, and our product combines all these.

Let's take a look at what's included in the CircuitMess Gaming Bundle:

1. Nibble (Educational DIY Game Console)

Nibble is an educational tool disguised as a retro game console.

Assembling Nibble is easy, and we have many guides to help your child.

For this console, we've selected 4 classic games you can't go wrong with - Bonk, Invaderz, Snake, and SpaceRocks. Not just that, you can even code your own games in CircuitBlocks code editor.

This can be a great first step to getting your child interested in programming.

2. ByteBoi (An Advanced DIY Game Console)

ByteBoi is our pride and joy.

Imagine the charm of the good old Game Boy, but with the ability to make your own games.

You will learn how to assemble your own gaming device, how video game consoles work, how to code your own video game, and how to animate characters and simulate physics in a video game.

We already programmed some games on ByteBoi based on the biggest gaming classics, but with our own twist.

ByteBoi can be connected to the Internet and is compatible with our Wheelson.

3. CircuitPet (DIY Virtual Pet)

Your kid is too young, but you surely remember the Tamagotchi and what a hit it was with the kids back in the day.

Since we loved Tamagotchi when we were kids, we decided to let today's kids feel what it's like to have a virtual pet.

First, you assemble this unique pet, and the possibilities are huge.

You can feed it, pet it, and we've added some cool modern features like collecting XP and leveling, as well as some games your pet can play.

As you can see, we were gamers too when we were kids(some members of our team still are), and we know this is the perfect product that can interest your gamer kid.

We also have monthly subscriptions for our STEM Kits. You can see our complete gift shop here.

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