How can technology help improve education?

Hi guys, 

Lately, I've been thinking about the education system and how it's still mostly stuck in the past. 

My personal style of learning is through a hands-on approach. To me, learning by reading a book has always been very boring, and it rarely ever motivated me to explore the topics further on my own; and I think that's one of the worst things that can happen to someone during their education. 

Without motivation to continue learning and exploring, it'll be very hard to come up with the next revolutionary idea or improvements to an already existing product/service. 


So, I've found a couple of interesting facts on how technology helps improve education that I thought you might find interesting.


  •  Technology helps increase collaboration and communication 

Teachers will engage with students during lessons in order to help them, and students will also communicate amongst each other to work together while trying to solve problems.  

Another side of this story is that technology will improve the general communication processes. Kids will upload their work online, and teachers will then simply access it online to give feedback directly and instantly. 


  • Technology increases curiosity 

Kids prefer engaging content that technology provides.  With technology, it'll be easier for teachers to spark interest and curiosity in kids, which is an important part of developing various skills and coming up with ideas. 

Like I've mentioned earlier, I've always been a hands-on learner and tinkerer, so I believe those kinds of engaging projects were the biggest driver that made my curiosity spark.


  •  There are no limitations with technology 

Using resources other than books will allow kids to have a lot of different sources of knowledge so that they can choose the way of learning that works best for them. Not everyone learns the same way, so it's important to adjust this to each kid separately, and technology will allow for that to be done more easily. 

All this is why I've made sure our Batmobile is engaging and fun from the beginning till the end.  


You first have to assemble it from scratch, which will help you learn about the components that make up the Batmobile and various technologies used in it. Then once it's assembled you can play around with it, watch it drive autonomously, and much more. You can also play games on the included controller, and even that is not the end. You can also program new functions into it for endless fun. 

I've always dreamed of having this while I was a kid, so I'm very happy I can provide this for others today.


What types of technologies have you had access to during your education? If you haven't, what type of technology do you wish you had access to? 


As always, stay tuned for more updates!



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