Here's what parts you'll get in STEM Box #3 for Wheelson - a DIY AI self-driving car

Salutations fellow technology lovers,

Let me tell you a bit more about the components you'll get in your Third STEM Box for Wheelson - a DIY AI self-driving car.

Wroom wroom (not the sound that wheelson makes, but something that people usually say when they see a car. Wheelson makes more of a Bzzz sound because it doesn't have an internal combustion engine)

Follow this diagram here:

Component #1 is Wheelson's chassis. It's made of black acrylic plastic and has ten separate pieces.

#2 Camera with a long ribbon cable - OV2640 Color CMOS UXGA (2.0 MegaPixel) chip with lens and a long ribbon cable. The cable needs to be long in order to reach the main circuit board (part #12)

#3 DC geared motors - they make Wheelson go Bzz Bzz Whoosh

#4 Nuts, bolts, spacers - they're needed for holding the chassis together

#5 Tactile pushbuttons  - you need to solder them by hand to the main circuit board. You navigate through menus on Wheelson's screen with these pushbuttons.

#6 Cable for connecting Wheelson's headlights to the main circuit board

#7 Plastic button caps - they are placed on top of tiny pushbuttons (part #5)

#8 Pin headers - they connect the Display board (#10) to the main circuit board (#12)

#9 electrolytic 100uF capacitors - you need to solder them by hand to the main circuit board (#12). They're used in the motor driver circuit in order to filter out the electromagnetic noise electromotors' coils make

#10 Display board with a 160x128 Full-color TFT LCD screen - this shows the user interface, camera feed, and some other useful data

#11 through-hole technology resistors - you'll solder them by hand to the main circuit board (#12) in order to make the whole circuit work properly

#12 Main circuit board - has a dual-core CPU, flash, RAM, motor driver chips, battery charging and control chips, a USB port, and some other circuits that make Wheelson smart and fun to use. It has copper traces that connect everything together)

#13 Rubber off-road wheels - These are Wheelson's wheels that make him wheel around 

Wheelson is my personal favourite from all the cool STEM Box products we have and I just can't wait to ship it to you folks :)

Stay tuned

- Albert and the crew 


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