Getting ready for Batmobile's production

Hi everyone, 

After a fantastic ending of our campaign, we're hard at work developing Batmobile's final form and preparing it for production. 

We're currently working on Batmobile's software and finishing its casing so that it can be injection moulded. 

The parts shown in campaign photos and videos are just prototypes, and we're currently optimizing them for mass production. Since the campaign was a huge success, we cannot 3D-print all casings individually, so we opted for injection moulding (a process used for mass-producing plastic parts). 

We're also praying to semiconductors that the semiconductor crisis ends soon.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for supporting the campaign. None of this would be possible without you! 




From all of us at CircuitMess - have a successful and happy new year. 🎉 2021 has been a wild year for us - we've shipped over 18,000 packages all around the world, finished the campaign with the largest number of backers we've ever gotten on Kickstarter, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. 


There's lots more to come in 2022, so stay tuned!


- Albert 


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