Hello sleepyheads, did you share our campaign already?  

If you did, like Aretha said: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 

If you didn't, check this out! 

Since we’ve reached $50 000 before the end of day #2 (and thank you soooo much for that), we decided to randomly choose 100 of you and give you free stuff. 

Yup. FREE STUFF! It won't pay your bills but hey, it's still free - like sharing our campaign. 

Blahblahblah FIESTAAA!
We’re giving away 100 free personalizations if you share our campaign on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Personalizations as in you tell us the name, word, or sentence you like and we'll engrave that on your MAKERphone's casing.

Please make the post public so that we can find and see it.

100 lucky winners will be randomly chosen after the campaign ends.
Thanks again and we'll keep pushing!

- the MAKERphone crew

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