Delivery update on CircuitPet + Build and Anatomy guides are online!

Hi everyone,

We were busy working on CircuitPet’s software this month, and it is finally done!

Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll see once you assemble and turn your CircuitPet on:

As always, we've created a very detailed build guide that will help make the assembly process as fun and easy as possible, and it's now online.

You can find the build guide at the following link:

Also, we prepared an anatomy guide that’ll introduce you to all the components and chips used for making CircuitPet.

Here is the link to the anatomy guide:

Take a look at the assembly process:

  • There’ll be soldering
  • A lot of small components
  • Tricky parts
  • Cool add-ons

Now that you have seen everything, you must wonder, when will you ship my package?

Well, great news! We are in the final stages of producing CircuitPet,

and are starting to pack everything.

We’ll ship your next STEM Box in the following two weeks.

You’ll be informed when the shipping starts - we’ll post an update once again, and you’ll get an email with the tracking link.

Thank you for your support,

Albert and the CM team

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