Dear backers, we've screwed up, but 95% of the shipments are shipped

Dear backers,

we owe you all a big apology. We've focused 100% of our time on production for the past two weeks and were having some problems with production, sourcing, factory space and most importantly - we’ve had a hard time estimating the delivery date before even launching our campaign and knowing the amount of rewards we’ll have to send. 

Basically, every problem you can imagine - we’ve had it in the past two months :)  

In the end, our twice prolonged estimated delivery date prolonged once more and our communication with the MAKERbuino community was horrific and we’re sorry.  

This is our first production effort ever, so we’re still learning how to do this.    

About my private life: I've dropped out of college to fully dedicate my time to the company and was going through a hard time because of family issues. This is my passion in life and I want to give it 100% commitment and focus my efforts on making MAKERbuino and CircuitMess the best they can ever be. 

Long story short: - 95% of the rewards were shipped and the rest is being assembled at the moment and will be shipped this Monday. You’ll receive the tracking numbers this Monday or Tuesday. 

- Please monitor your tracking number and report if you don’t receive your kit 12 days after its dispatch date, about 1% of the packages got lost in transit and we will resend those packages. 

- We’ve changed the content of some kit versions:
1) MAKERbuino kit with tools: we’ve dropped the desoldering pump and replaced it with diagonal cutter pliers because we’ve found them more useful in the soldering process than the desoldering pump
2) MAKERbuino inventor’s kit: we didn’t have enough time to test and source a suitable accelerometer/gyroscope module that we promised on the Kickstarter listing so we’ve decided to compensate that with increasing the amount of other components.
3) Educational packs were sent without the workshop organizer cheat sheet and a workshop plan. We will send that material in a digital form by the end of August via email. We’ve tried to compensate for the delay by adding extra handstraps, button caps and small soldering badges we’ve designed to the educational packs.
4) We’ve dropped the colored casings in Party and educational packs because we haven’t managed to organize the production of the casings (and I think they don’t really look as pretty as the crystal clear casings). We’ve tried to compensate for that by increasing the amount of crystal clear casings included in the packs. 

- The GPIO expander board is missing from roughly 100 inventor’s kits due to a manufacturing mistake. Please watch out for that one and report if you haven’t gotten the board. We will send you the missing component straight away. 

- We know our communication with the community was bad and we’re working to improve that. We’ve set up the new support page with a ticketing system and I’ve hired new people that will be dedicated to supporting the community. 

- We are listening to your feedback and are improving the build guide and adding new guides. 

- There is no programming guide or a guide for what to do with the inventor’s pack. I ask for your patience, we need more time to finish those. 

- Anybody who wants a refund and hasn’t gotten one, please ping me 

- We are moving our company to a larger workspace and are working really hard to scale the production and avoid delays like this one. 

We won’t abandon you after we ship all the kits and will continue supporting the MAKERbuino and developing new guides, software & hardware tutorials, and expansions (otherwise we’ll go bankrupt and I will be very very hungry :) ) 

Thank you for your support, understanding, and patience. 

Keep making! Albert Gajšak and the rest of the CircuitMess gang   

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