CircuitMess Batmobile - new stretch goal announcement

Hey everyone,

CircuitMess Batmobile is almost at $350.000 with four days to go! 🎉🎉

What a fantastic campaign this was, all made possible thanks to your amazing support!

You guys have been requesting a stretch goal, so I have decided to create one:

You'll get these magnetic expansion modules in the Ultimate pack

I have also created this short video demonstrating the way these modules work.

How can I help you reach the $400k stretch goal?

Great question!

You can share the project with your friends on social media. We have prepared a pack of photos and videos that you can download here:

Also, you can upgrade your pledge to a higher amount.

If you don't know how to modify your pledge level, check this video.


As always, the Kickstarter campaign for CircuitMess Batmobile is here.

Thank you for your amazing support so far, and I'll see you at the finish line!

- Albert and the rest of the Bat-crew

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